The House Organ

Gig poster. Distorted (manipulated scan) image of a small statue head originally photographed in a museum in Jordan. Jagged wavy contours with an eye and shoulder poking out at the end. All rendered in greyscale. Text as elaborated in the post content.

Travis Johns / Marlo De Lara / Murray Royston-Ward

Sun 28th May 2023, 7:30pm JT Soar, Nottingham BYOB £7 ADV / £10 DOOR No-one turned away for lack of funds


Sound-artist hailing from Ithaca, NY. On tour: Improvised, electro-acoustic, brain-wave conversion. As Vauxflores: purveyor of oddball circuitry (shared territories w/ Ciat-Lonbarde/David Tudor/Don Buchla, and SF underground scene, BrutalSFX. Part of a fine experimental music lineage through Oberlin and Mills colleges.


Micro-cosmic tone-scapes sculpted into densely cathartic noise-expanse. Multi-disciplinary sound/art/activism, stalwart of experimental scenes in Baltimore, Leeds, and Beyond. Ladyz in Noyz, full-blown academia and community building heavyweight, the artist formerly known as Marlo Eggplant.


Deep-dive snare feedback collaborating with wonky circuits. Tripping on Wires/The House Organ/Jehova’s Fitness/et al.