The House Organ is a DIY label for audio and other artefacts from the No-Audience Underground. Primarily sounding across a spectrum of improvisation and noise, it takes a critical stance to digital-self-publishing whilst providing alternatives to dominant streaming and sharing models. For deep-thinkers who don’t take themselves too seriously.

The latest version of this deviates somewhat from the original aims and developments (below). I have killed much of the p2p options (torrents, Tor, etc.) as they weren’t being accessed and maintaining them (cost of running a raspberry pi server from home and time involved in updating and keeping it running smoothly) became less and less appealing.

Additionally, with Resonate shutting down uploads and new artists etc. (whilst they fix lots of site issues), the co-operative streaming platform, which seemed to be one of the few bright lights, isn’t the most viable alternative anymore.

I’ve been using Amuse to put stuff on regular streaming platforms (Spotify, Tidal, Apple, etc.) too, mostly out of sharing wherever y’all may be. Whilst this might seem like an ideological step backwards I might be inclined to agree. As it stands, you’re more likely to engage with The House Organ via Bandcamp or Spotify. Amuse has been hilarious btw (most of my uploads have been flagged as ‘not music’) and my Spotify artist stats have peaked at 1 listener.

I stand by everything I say below but the practicalities of the current project differ somewhat. I am however planning direct download links via Keybase (but can’t give a date yet). (Update: these are now live as easier to set up than expected. Of course Keybase have been bought by Zoom so who knows where that will lead though).

The House Organ has been a learning process. In particular, for example, in previously avoiding Bandcamp, I inadvertently shunned much of our audience. Focusing on Crypto was overly technical and alienating. Bitcoin sounded promising, became the domain of speculative finance, morphed into Blockchain and has mostly become pure snake-oil that takes the energy output of a large country to maintain. The implications of centralised online platforms remain troublesome but we remain caught in the gravitational pull of these services none-the-less. Opting-out can frequently be a privileged position. I won’t labour these points. If you’d like a slightly more in-depth analysis check out An (Opinionated) Critical Guide to DIY Digital Publishing (kindly published by TQ).

This latest (previous) incarnation of The House Organ aims to hang on to its prior ambitions whilst making it a bit easier on you. You can find us on social media and you can pay-what-you-like on Bandcamp. There are also alternatives such as streaming us on the co-operative ‘Resonate’ or downloading directly over bittorrent. Finally, for the privacy conscious or peer-2-peer geek, there are also TOR and DAT mirrors.