This is a beginning, a process and an experiment.

It’s born from a desire to electronically publish sounds and texts as independently as possible. This independence extends to online distribution that privileges peer-to-peer, tries to avoid the corporate web and embraces crypto.

As such it will fail, compromise, reconfigure and try again.

In many ways it is a private press, a vanity label. It embraces this fully. It is not really a ‘label’ or a ‘press’ though. I’m not interested in accepting submissions. It still aims to be outward looking and inclusive. Through collaboration, openness and dialogue it is participatory.

It also hopes to be part of a larger community. I have used the term ‘amateur avant-garde’. I’m also a fan of the term ‘No Audience Underground’ (see Radio Free Midwich).

Underground, Experimental and Avant-Garde etc. are problematic terms. The stable door was left open a long time ago and the horses have well and truly bolted. There are many, and I’d include myself in such a description, who still employ numerous practices associated with such historic terms. The context within which one operates has changed though and this needs to be part of the discussion.

There is a global community of creatives, frequently hobbyists and non-professionals, who (when the day job allows) work within such an arena. Putting on gigs, blogging, working with community organisations, make TV shows and releasing cassettes: all within the various contexts of formerly avant-garde practices and DIY cultures. I also see them increasingly move towards bandcamp, soundcloud and social media. The toolsets used for independent publishing are increasingly and inherently closed. The terms of engagement with DIY or independent publishing are changing as this landscape shifts.

The alternatives are technical and complex - crypto is hard, the ‘dark web’ is confusing. The political sphere is becoming increasingly hostile to privacy and unregulated online platforms.

This is, then, an attempt to deal with some of these issues. To learn and feedback to the community. To share and to communicate.