The House Organ

Picture of me, all hipster doofus-like with moustache and perma-beanie. I'm wrapped up warm, standing infront of water and harbour industrial buildings in Svendborg, Denmark. A badly scrawled speech bubble has been added (via phone image markup-vibes) saying 'ARRGH!!' and the whole thing is in moody greyscale to match the website aesthetic.


Releases, gigs, trades, community, etc., it’d be great to say hi.

Feel free to drop me an email @ murray [at] this website (so,

Or, you can use the bandcamp contact form - ‘Following’ on Bandcamp would be cool too (where I’ll send out infrequent updates).

I’m only on limited social media but mastodon would work for a DM -

It’s not for everyone but I’m totally cool with talking on the phone or using signal for messaging (but you’ll need to get in touch first to share phone numbers).

I really getting back into the idea of RSS feeds again and, thankfully, Hugo (which I used to make the website) makes this pretty easy. To keep track of new releases, follow in your feedreader of choice. This is pretty basic at the moment but I hope to add a few tweaks and updates soon.

I briefly had a mailing list which is on pause. I’ll put it here if/when I revive it.