The House Organ

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Rump State / Degradation / Daphnellc

Fri 27th October, 8pm JT Soar, Nottingham £8 ADV / £10 DOOR No-one turned away for lack of funds


We find in Rump State Mark Morgan & Gaute Granli. Mark Morgan who was the man behind the too unknown Sightings, a New York trio at the origin of an impressive noise rock of inventiveness, a band difficult to tame and probably too far ahead of its time. A few outstanding records, notably on Load Records, Daïs… and then leave; Mark Morgan has since officiated in Silk Purse with appearances on To Live and Shave in LA and collaborations with Aaron Dilloway, among others. Gaute Granli is a member of Firmaet Forvoksen. From his native Norway, he distills a confusing and unidentified body of sound as a solo artist… perhaps a new music, a choppy, desolate pop… from the next century. The two musicians share a guitar playing and a vocal approach of apparently destructured but well and truly chiseled. They produce a sound mass that we feel like drifting or inexorably carried away by quicksand… Attention: uncomfortable psychedelism and total avant-garde." (Sonic Protest)


Degradation is the duo of D O’Donoghue (Vinegar Tom) and George Rayner-Law (Schwerpunkt) who are also behind forward-thinking experimental/noise cassette label, Brachliegen Tapes. Their latest release, Leadlined, is a 35-minute lamentation of the perverse ideology of the English, manifested through sound collage and heavy electronics. A carrier bag of improvisation and fragmented assembly, post-industrial synthesis gives way to full-spectrum noise, and aural saturation. Shaped by collapsing signal chains & biting delays, Degradation pore over the rapine chain of degeneration that is England. Through bricolage it attempts to come to terms with the inescapable, morbid nostalgia of the nation’s psyche; society in a state of collapse, reflecting back a withering Britain - plundered, debilitated, and divided.


Artist & producer Daphnellc makes experimental techno incorporating field recordings, danceable noise and live drum machines. Ever-changing loops and sounds rotate around ethereal melodies to escape the everyday.