The House Organ

To celebrate the #screefuckingjehovasfitnesstourjunk we’re taking a bunch of 7" lathes (cut by the excellent Loose Hair Lathe Cuts on the road with us.

  • 24/10 - Geyger, Berlin
  • 26/10 - die Schute, Hamburg
  • 28/10 - 5e, Copenhagen
  • 29/10 - Amok, Aarhus
  • 30/10 - Maskinen, Svendborg
  • 31/10 - MusicMakerSpace, Copenhagen

Scree Fucking Junk - Taking their name from a film by Jack Wormell which explores a piece of wasteland under a system of flyovers in greater London, the group’s sound, like the film, stems from a fascination with waste. Wreckage of the everyday. An examination of the textural aspects of large scale constructions. An augmentation of lo-fi aesthetics to the point of sumptuousness. The result: A mess of volatile vibrations; toxic drones, agitated noise and derelict poetry. Oppressive yet ornamental.

Jahovah’s Fitness - jehova’s fitness is a noise rock band from berlin.