Below is unedited text beginning to cover some of the tech aspects I’ve been exploring with this site. This will change. It will be a list of options and alternatives. In the meantime, the page is preserved:

Here is a list of the various technologies and methods used for this project, the rationale, compromises and problems. It will veer into the technical and detailed. Please feel free to get in contact to discuss, ask questions or suggest alternatives.


BitTorrent is an open protocol for peer-to-peer data exchange.

Personally I am quite ambivalent when it comes to copyright and piracy. I grew up with my dad taping records from the library and take a generally radical position on the politics of private ownership and corporatism.

Regardless, all content distributed here is my own (or in collaboration and with permission) and is therefore shared legally. BitTorrent as a protocol is legal (though your jurisdiction may vary).

It’s quite easy to create a torrent to share content:

The example above is relevant but quite an old post and uses uTorrent but beware, uTorrent has changed over the years and now installs unwanted browser extension and crap-ware. Avoid. qbittorrent is a good open-source alternative. Search around a bit for up-to-date recommendations.

The main benefits of torrenting is in avoiding centralised distribution platforms. The cloud has benefits but who owns a cloud service (and has jurisdiction over data you store/share there) is problematic and open to unwarrented scrutiny by either government or corporate actors.


this is unfinished work. More will follow.