Dissolution Matrix in Afterthought of Skies

This is a mixture of improvised recordings, loose compositions and archival bits and bobs. Snippets of interviews; background noises from gigs and travels; awkward moments from the cutting room floor; twigs rattled in a guitar; shuffling things around rooms; recording ruined by wind; and a never finished ‘pop’ song.

I’ve been sitting on it for some time now.

Track 1: Additional vox: Holly Royston-Ward

Track 2: Tempelhof wind unintentionally recorded with the assistance of Mathew Johnson (who also let me use the guitar I’m sticking bits of twigs and leaves in and he’s still picking them out to this day so mega-thanx)

Track 4: Additional guitar: Mathew Johnson Ugandan Harp: Little Bosco

Track 5: Partner: Holly Royston-Ward Interviewee: Michael McCann

The work is also privately published in an edition of 25 (see https://mroystonward.bandcamp.com/album/dissolution-matrix-in-afterthought-of-skies.

This is a free/donation digital edition intended as archive and alternate distribution.

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